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In Fashion


Come June 24, Afrikoncept will be making bold inroads on the world stage, by joining other representatives from around the world in Washington DC for the annual Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit (ATIGS 2018).

With this year’s event bid to showcase African businesses to the rest of the world and present Africa as a global destination for investments, it provides a sufficient opportunity to Afrikoncept, as an exquisite African fashion brand to capture the interest of diverse people from around the world, eager to see the new things Africa has to offer, especially as Africa takes opportunity to mark its mark in the fashion industry long dominated by the few.

By rubbing shoulders on this world stage, it also means that Afrikoncept will be able to represent its plethora of vivid casual outfits and vibrant accessories.  These products, made from creatively bringing African fabrics/contents together with ordinary casuals to generate something phenomenal to the fashion world, is bent to make the biggest impression on this global stage.

Afrikoncept is also in Washington to expand its market frontiers, tailored at ensuring that fashion enthusiasts are aware of the brand, given access to get hold of the brand and present to likeminded investors an opportunity to take advantage of an African brand that is spell bound to rejig fashion industry by introducing outstanding Afrocentric casuals and accessories.

To also blaze another new trail, Afrikoncept will be in Washington with a target to expand dealers in the Americas and beyond. For those who have been looking for unique styles and feels at ease with alluring Afrocentric combination, do well to

In Fashion


In a strategic move to conquer the fashion industry home and abroad, Afrikoncept has taken yet another bold step to reach people around the world with its world class products by opening an Ebay store.

The store bore from the idea of getting even closer to customers no matter where they are, will receive orders from any part of this world and will be delivered to such customer using the quickest means available.

With this, Afrikoncept is also breaking a new ground by showcasing its Afrocentric designs to the rest of the world on one of the biggest E-commerce platform that exist, with a focus on giving a fresher competitive edge to an African fashion product.

Regularly the Ebay store will the updated with latest trends and shoppers will have an easier opportunity of making choices from the array of fantastic designs, contacting the designer to get more updates and even enjoy the benefits of becoming loyal customers.

Discounts are also raging on the Ecommerce platform, offering unbeatable prices for designs that are unique. There is also a strategic push for products that fits every season in order for customers to flow with the drift.


In Fashion

A rapidly evolving fashion industry requires a creative mind to be upbeat on rolling out dazzling designs always. Afrikoncept is uniquely taking up the task of merging African fashion with the West to roll-out tasteful casual outfits.

Emboldened by the technique on how to do proper material juxtaposing and colour mix, these Afrocentric casuals essentially move us away from discussing the near abandonment of African fabrics and even tie and dye, to how to properly represent African fashion on the world scene.

Afrikoncept is also ensuring that its ready-to-wear outfits can compete with top brands around the world, with a bold twist of using colours to tell its fashion story.

Afrikoncept can be found on, on,, and studio is situated at: 18, Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.


In Fashion

In what is an appropriate occasion, Afrikoncept, the afrocentric smart casual apparel collaborates with Labule, an exquisite afrocentric restaurant, to bring a befitting outlet where dandy casuals by Afrikoncept can be shopped by all fashion frenzy person.

What prompted this silver lining opportunity was an arrangement with Bellafricana, a brand known for delivering top African brands to the world. Since Afrikoncept fits this bill and we are enthusiastic about expressing African fashion like never before, we saw the need to spread our tentacles more by collaborating with these brands.

At Labule, we offer yet another platform to serve everybody luscious designs of casuals that beams the fashion revolution in Africa. There’s something for Africans who love to style in their origin and there’s something for foreigners who feel a deep sense of connection to the elegance of African fashion.

We can also be found on our website:, we are on every known shopping websites within and outside Nigeria. Then our studio is at 18, Bode Thomas Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. Catch up with us to furnish your style.

Labule is located at 3A, Admiralty Road, Off Admiralty Way,
Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.