Afrikoncept: Intrinsically Haute

A rapidly evolving fashion industry requires a creative mind to be upbeat on rolling out dazzling designs always. Afrikoncept is uniquely taking up the task of merging African fashion with the West to roll-out tasteful casual outfits.

Emboldened by the technique on how to do proper material juxtaposing and colour mix, these Afrocentric casuals essentially move us away from discussing the near abandonment of African fabrics and even tie and dye, to how to properly represent African fashion on the world scene.

Afrikoncept is also ensuring that its ready-to-wear outfits can compete with top brands around the world, with a bold twist of using colours to tell its fashion story.

Afrikoncept can be found on, on,, and studio is situated at: 18, Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

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