Social Impact

Social Impact

The People:

We care about the dedicated artists and tailors that contribute greatly to our value chain.

The women and the youths. They are our heroes. They are the reason we can sustainably produce and deliver the beautifully made Afrikoncept pieces you love. We care because they work very hard to make our creative designs come to life with brilliant, handmade tie & dye pieces. We are devoted to making life so much easier and better for them. You help us create better lives for them because every piece we sell directly contributes to creating and developing better work environments for these women and youths.

The People of Afrikoncept

The Place:

We are deeply devoted to protecting and sustaining the world we live in.

As long we are alive, our planet is only place we call home. Through our sustainable material management methods, we help protect what is left by using less and reusing our materials in the most productive way. This way, we keep our environment safer and ensure there is zero waste by repurposing fabric cut outs into more valuable and artistic pieces.