African fabrics can be easily picked out in a pile of fabrics due to their geometric prints. Their prints have a wide range from Batik, to Hollandaise, to Kente, to Excellence prints. Almost every place in Africa has its own set of fabric that is unique to it; you can look at the tie and dye of Kano, Nigeria, Kente print of Ghana, the colorful Shweshwe of the south africans, and many more. These fabrics are widely used across the globe to make any style of clothing. Clothes made from African fabrics range from double-breasted suits to string bikinis.

All of these fabrics, made into outfits can be found on AFRIKONCEPT , they can be bought wholesale. Buying wholesale and retail are different as buying wholesale comes at a reduced cost. The difference between the wholesale and retail price is called a margin and that is the amount a retailer makes in profit. Wholesalers are good sources of merchandise and buying in bulk from Afrikoncept will help push your profit margin up.

Afrikoncept currently has a range of outfits made of African fabrics and you can find everything you are looking for on it.  Here are a few of our bestsellers and they can be found on the website with links attached;


Our daffodil designs are tres chic in its afrocentric appreal. The polos are mainly jewel toned with uniquely styled sleeves in ankara prints sans the bold necklines. This piece is a must-have for the glitterati. Texture: Smooth, lint free, durable and cool to the touch. Fabric: 100% cotton. Available in all sizes: Medium, Large, Extra large, Extra-extra LArge.


Asters are our unisex hoodie pieces.

We put a twist on this contemporary urban/street wear by recreating them using the African traditional tie-and-die print, for a laid back urban appeal with an appealing ethnic vibe.

Fabric: 80% cotton 20% polyester.

Sweat & hoody.


Our Monarda basic polo tee shirt is all about reinvention, as seen in the recreation of the basic collared Polo, by the adornment of ankara prints, creatively placed to retain the contemporary and fresh appeal of this classic tee.

Faric:100% cotton.


Our Hibiscus and Hibiscus plus collection hits all the right notes with its signature African batik or tie-and-dye print.

The cool urban vibe of these round or v-necked short sleeved tees, make it a fave pick among our trendy hip clientele.

Fabric: 100% cotton


Created with the blend of carefully selected local African hand pattern batik fabric, this kimono gown is a must have, every lady deserves this stunner in her closet.

Made from hand made batik.

Fabric: 100% cotton

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